Transportation by Helicopter
Transportation by Helicopter

Transportation by Helicopter

Transportation by helicopter is efficiënt for both people and goods. Would you like to transport someone or something by helicopter in The Netherlands? Heli Holland is the right choice. Our company was founded in the 1980’s and has gained a lot of experience in helicopter flights for business, VIP flights, events, aerial photography, freight carrying and leisure helicopter flights. Below you can find the services Heli Holland offers.

Business helicopter transportation

Would you like to travel in style with your business partners without delays in traffic jams and with a beautiful view? And do you want to give your employees the experience of their lives? A helicopter flight is the answer. Helicopters can be used in many ways for passenger transport. Heli Holland air service arranges all the necessary permits and our well-trained and experienced helicopterpilots will safely take you to your destination.

Freight transportation

Transportation of goods, freight and documents is also something Heli Holland is specialized in. We have experience in transplantation, incubatorflights, delivering important machine parts and valuable documents. Heli Holland is able to deliver goods in all the countries of Europe. Our flights will arrive fast at their destination, can land practically anywhere and are performed discrete.

Events, aerial photography or filming

For helicopter flights on your event, or filming the event, Heli Holland is the perfect partner. Sportevents, festivals, fairs or corporate parties, Heli Holland can be found regularly on these types of events with one or more helicopters.

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